The founder of modern literature Chinese – Lu Xun

Lu Xun is the founder of modern Chinese literature, writer, thinker, revolutionary great
Home. 1902 went to study in Japan, in Tokyo, Hirofumi institute. Sendai Medical College in 1904
School of medicine, medicine after exercise.
1909, and his brother Zhou Zuoren together with the translation of the “foreign novels set”, the introduction of foreign literature. The same
Return home, has been in Hangzhou, Shaoxing. After the revolution of 1911, the Nanjing interim government and the North
The Ministry of Education Department of the government, organization and other staff, and at Peking University, the women’s normal university and the school teaching.
1918 to May, for the first time with the pen name “Lu Xun”, published China modern history of literature the first vernacular
The novel ” A Madman’s Diary “, laid the foundation of the new literature movement. “Five four” before and after sports, participate in
The “New Youth” magazine, “five four” to become the leaders of the new cultural movement. 1918 to 1926
At the same time, have published a large number of literary creation. Among them, December 1921 published the novella
“Ah Q”, is a masterpiece of literature on the history of modern China.
After Lu Xun’s death, Mao Zedong gave a high evaluation, think Lu Xun is China’s new text
Of the revolution of the Lord, he is not only a great writer, but also a great thinker and a great
Revolutionary home. Lu Xun’s head is the most hard, he has no man and obsequiousness. This is the
The most valuable character of the people of the land and the people of the land”.
At the Yanan literary forum, Mao Zedong called on everyone: “should learn Lu Xun’s list
Like to do, the proletariat and the masses’ cattle ‘, bow down his itch.”
Mr Lu Xun said: “why should seek youth hanging signs Jinyu tutor? No
Such as seeking friends, United, with the same direction seems to be able to live in the direction of. What you are
Miguel, met deep, can be made into the ground; meet the wilderness, you can plant trees in case;
See the desert, to dig the well. Asked what thorns stuffed the old way, find what The atmosphere was foul.
Bird’s tutor!”
“Since then, we have to separate the words of famous people and the famous saying,
Celebrities are not so famous; many famous, since ordinary people poured out the mouth.”

The best typical Chinese intellectuals – Lao She

Lao She’s name, Shu Qingchun, was born in 1899 in a poor family in Beijing. 1913 entered Beijing
Normal school. In 1918, he served as Beijing City Huaye Fang Hutong primary school. In 1922, Nankai
Learn Chinese teacher. In 1924 went to the United Kingdom, University of London, the east of the Chinese lecturer. Summer 1934
Professor of Chinese literature at Shandong University in Qingdao. The summer of 1936 resigned from the faculty, specializing in literary creation.
After the outbreak of Anti Japanese War, Wuhan, China to Chongqing to preside over the Japanese Association of writers and artists work,
Served as executive director, head of general affairs, and published journal of “Anti Japanese literature”.
Lao She’s hard life writing, writing is very rich, he wrote more than 800 words of the works.
1930s became one of the most accomplished writers. The 《camel Xiangzi》 after the advent of Niferex
Sound literary world has been translated into dozens of foreign languages. Representative works: novels “with IV
Hall “,” Longxugou “,” drama “teahouse etc..
Lao She literary creation lasted 40 years, works with the city people’s life as its theme, has divided
Ming, a strong sense of justice. The characters are vivid and the details are real. Can skillfully handle
Language, good at using the words of Beijing, the performance of the incident, the work has a strong
The place color and strong life breath. Lao She’s saying thorn relaxed style humor harmonic talks,
Won the people’s love.
Ba Jin called him “the best of Chinese intellectuals”; Cao Yu said he was “China”
Generation of ‘Jay”;” the government granted him the title of “people’s artist”.
Mr. Lao She said: “I can’t think of anything more harmful than playing cards.”. Drink more wine
The injured, but just drunk, who will not immediately go to drink, unless it is to forget the Dutch act. Play
The card may be otherwise, knowing that it is harmful, but also to the next.
“To write the language well, not just ‘say what’ the problem, but also ‘how to say’

A peak in the academic history of a precipice – Qian Zhongshu

Qian Zhongshu was born in 1910. Influenced by the family school. From the extraordinary literary talent. Graduated from the Foreign Languages Department of Tsinghua University in 1935, 1933 to 1938 to study in the United Kingdom, France, in 1937, University of Oxford, Ph.D. degree. After returning home is the alma mater, Tsinghua University, as a professor. If the name of higher learning is Mr. Qian’s “Bole”, he was two times to break the routine. The first time in the entrance, Qian Zhongshu in English, Chinese are very good test. But he failed the math. President Xi before, he admitted an exception. The second time he returned from Europe is promoted to professor. According to the old system, step by step, first as a lecturer, then as associate professor, then professor. He came to a “three jump.””.
Qian’s novels written in 1940s in Fortress Besieged, re in the literary world get to its rightful place, repeatedly republication is still in short supply, overseas scholars even called the book site “in Chinese modern literature the most interesting and most careful management of novels.” A modern well-known scholar comments; guanzhuibian is not only most of Qian Zhongshu made on behalf of handed down from ancient times, but also academic history on a precipice of a peak.
Qian Zhongshu was a vibration to shicaiaowu, Tsinghua, hi, good SA acupuncture literature comment different characters is well known in the world. However, his classmates, friends, the vast majority failed to escape the history of catastrophe, he alone Mr. Qian, Huanghuangyouyou came, history of 40 halberd changes prestige day long, brilliance Yi Chi, as evidenced by his extraordinary insight and wisdom, the manners of the brillant skills cannot not amazing.
Mr. Qian Zhongshu said: “humor reduces the severity of life, never to see their own serious. True humor is to bow from laughing. It not only for life is the views of humor, for humor itself is humorous views. ”
“Young people, not to chase fame and fortune, young people need is to enrich the mind, to a multi-level, multi direction thinking.”

Lin YuTang – Take life as a textbook of humor master

Lin Yutang was born in 1895. 1912 into the Shanghai St. John’s university. Studying in the United States and Germany after 1919. Returning to China in 1923, in the Peking University, Beijing women’s normal university to teach, support the patriotic student movement. In the 1920s, as Yusi mainly written one, wrote many of the unhealthy tendencies of fighting essays, income the cut brush set “in. Began in 1932, has started the publication of “the Analects of Confucius”, “the human world”, the cosmic wind “, actively promote the creation of essay, the idea of” humor “,” soul “, advocate” self-centered, with a leisure style “become” the Analects of Confucius to send representatives.
In 1936 to the United States to settle, to work for the students, mainly in English writing. In 1947, the director of art and literature of the United nations. Back to Taiwan in 1966.
Mr. Lin Yutang has a unique and profound insight into his life, which comes from his deep understanding of life. He once said, “my mind is not so profound, and I don’t have a great book to read. I don’t read philosophy and I just take life as a textbook, the research method is not a practice. Curiosity curiosity; astronomy; ships; ship; and according to my theory is mostly from below said these figures: Maid Huang mom, she has the Chinese female education of all good ideas a casually swearing in Suzhou Niang; a Shanghai streetcar conductor, cook’s wife; the zoo in a little lion. New York’s Central Park in a squirrel, a hair a good steward a in a newspaper column write the reporter has been deceased for 10 years); the box in the collection of newsprint and any a not destroy our life consciousness of the writer, or any one not destroy his own life consciousness of the writer. And so on, be too numerous to enumerate.”
Mr. Lin Yutang said: a man can not enjoy the life of the world, it is because they do not love life, the life of ordinary, rigid, and boring.”
“Enjoy a leisurely life, of course, than to enjoy the luxury of life much cheaper. To enjoy a leisurely life as long as an artist’s temperament, in a completely relaxed mood, to eliminate the road a leisure afternoon.”

Hu Shi-The most outstanding person on the moral character of the ideological and academic

Hu Shi is a famous modern scholar, poet, literary historian, literary revolution advocates “five four”. Study in the United States in 1910, Cornell University, then transferred to Columbia University, from the school to Dewey, by the influence of the experimental philosophy. Returning to China in 1917, he served as professor of Peking University. In the editor (New Youth), it has become an influential figure in the new culture movement. 1938 as the national government in the United States of america. President of Peking University in 1946. Hu Shi’s life in philosophy, literature, history, classical literature research all aspects of achievements, and have a certain representative. He is the greatest impact in the academic advocate “bold hypothesis, carefully verify the” learning method.
Hu Shi academic achievement is very high, more attractive personality. Mr. Liang Shiqiu called Hu Shi “our generation in the ideological and moral character and academic one of the most outstanding”.
In 1920s, Hu Shi and Chen Duxiu were the most admired people in Hunan, Mao Zedong”. Mao Zedong and Snow talk to say: “(New Youth) is a famous New Culture Movement magazine, edited by Chen Duxiu. When I was in a normal school, I began to read this magazine, and I admire Hu Shi and Chen Duxiu.” Autumn of 1954, Mao Zedong launched millions of intellectuals thought of Hu Shi politics, philosophy, literature, history, education and other fields to carry out the massive criticism. February 16, 1957. Mao Zedong in Tang dy Nien speech, pointed out that “can not be denied” Hu Shi, because “his enlightenment to China played a role,” said now do not have to restore his reputation, into the twenty-first century again to study this question. “.
In June 1962 after the death of Hu Shi, Jiang Jieshi (Hu Shi and Hu Shi in the cemetery is the word):
A model of the old moral of the new culture,
The new idea of old ethical leaders.
German Science
Mr. Hu Shi said: people get along, this is real life. You have to do your own thing, but don’t be a nuisance to others. To help others, to help others. But not to help others to do bad things. If you help others cheat, to help others foul, is to help people do bad things, do not do.”
“If you want to enjoy the freedom that every person should take two attitudes: in terms of moral, everyone should be modest virtue, each person must hold their own views, not necessarily is the right attitude; in the psychological aspect, everyone should have an open mind and compatible and storage of the generous to forgive different and even opposite opinions and their own. In other words, after taking these two attitudes, you will put up with me, and I will put up with you, so that you will be free.”