Don’t believe in lies

Don’t believe in lies
Liang Shiqiu teacher pointed out. Good literature, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, informal whether responses to the much during energy, always it is valuable for us to read the, Xie Li Dun of the school for scandal, is the case.
“There is such a story” in the school for scandal:
One night, Mrs Pang Tao home party, the conversation turned to take an examination of a Western breeds of sheep the difficulties in their reproductive Novus, here a young lady said. I know my dear cousin is some examples riddhi Xiapaiboer miss, she raise the a nova, kausia sheep, she gave birth to twins. What!. Dan Di Sai (the old woman you know she is deaf) shouted up,. Miss Piper gave birth to twins?. This error makes the people set the whole room roaring with laughter. However, the next morning everywhere rumors, within a few days of the town are believed, miss Xiapaiboer riddhi do students the fat of a man and a woman to a period, one can point out who the father is, two babies send upbringing in which farmhouse.
Such lies, fake people, some people spread, spreads the time exaggeration, said was full of vigour, listening to the people could not help but believe it or not, that Paiboer miss the birth of twins, this does not apply stirred up, be sure to clarify the details of its brilliant quxinyuren, twin girls and one boy, students who the father is, foster care in what place, should one VideoStudio, not is not easy to win the trust of the people, which is one of the characteristics of a lie. Another example of a woman’s age is one of the best permanent critics argued that information. If a woman have a recipe for eternal youth, I do not know how many people try to expose her real age, the essentials of a variety of research use on, not to a graceful woman morphologies become a banlaoxuniang is tired of melancholy meaning. If a generous woman bold, then there will be attached some suspicious fuming, with some nonsense formulas, said her past life of erosion and to the woman of the most diabolical libel is often comes from a woman.
“School” in a few rumors are rumors, Mrs. Mrs. microhand. To lie. Heart can, spread lies, also a despicable, and pretend to be dignified appearance generations rumor, reality enhanced detractors, especially hateful.
In the story the protagonist Peter Sir said God is my witness, madam, if they (Congress) think playing tricks on others is a glorious and in the garden steal prey as severe, and through a ‘survival glorious act’, I think many people will therefore thank them. “Siniwei said mrs.. Oh, Lord, sir Pete, you want to deprive us of our rights?. Sir Peter said yes, madam, after banning of any human seminal clanging of glory, in addition to the widow of qualified old virgin and disappointing. This is to laugh at, cannot pay attention to legislation to curb lies.
We have a saying Chinese Ukena stop wise. Looking to the ear of the wise, that is no longer survival. Unfortunately, after all, not wise.

Don’t be led by the nose.

Don’t be led by the nose.
Mr. Hu Shi is very fond of these two famous sayings. I often wonder, though every man is to love oneself to love others, but they attached the views of others but to pay attention to their own judgment.
“If you give your body to a stranger, you will feel angry. So, when you are upset with the kind of accidental abuse of others and the way to put their spirit to a casual encounter at any time, you do not feel ashamed of it?
Mr. Cai Yuanpei believes that for a scholar,. Most avoid is to know the theory of faction, serve as the golden rule to why problems can be according to his statement to resolve, the rest of the theory can be disregarded. This “keep a gentleman’s words, and exclude others. , in fact, it is the bad style of the old school.
And students do not coexist, various academic views free discussion, to enable students to is capable of representing a wide range of teachers in different schools view contact, is not limited to the point of view, the family said. To make the students have the freedom to choose.. This helps to cultivate the ability of students to study independently so that they may draw new meanings from the comparison of the different schools of thought, put forward original ideas of his own. So at that time, Peking University professor in a wide range of different schools of academic. Such as the history, ancient letter sent Chen Hanzhang, Huang Kan, a suspect Gu Pai Qian Xuantong, Hu Shi and the study, Cui Jinwen school, Liu Shi Pei of the classical school of literature, classical Chinese faction of Huang Kan, Liu Shipei, forest loss, vernacular School of Hu Shi, Chen Duxiu, Liu Bannong, Qian, Zhou Zuoren in critical interpretation of ancient texts, a disciple of Zhang Zhu Xizu, Huang Kan, island Yu algae, and other school Chen Jieshi, Chen Hanzhang, Joel Xu Lun in poetry and Takizawa master Tang Yin mo. Still yellow section of the Song Dynasty, and Han Chong Wei Kan, and so on. It is ancient and modern, new, old factions in a school. Different views from the faculty can also be sung. Meet the challenge. Hu Shi and Liang Shuming, such as the different views on Confucius, Cai Yuanpei asked them in each lesson, with a countermeasure.
Many famous scholars have stressed the importance of learning, not to be led by the nose.
Mr. Qian Zhongshu said. Read a literature book and do not understand the appreciation, exactly equal to the imperial, harem guards, Chengri price in women consorting happens to be a eunuch, although the chance, but no ability.
Mr Hu said. God is able to criticize, what people can not be criticized?.
He said in his speech to the graduates of the University of Peking University philosophy:
In a university, philosophy should be the least fashionable, the number should be at least. But the philosophy of the university has always been a lot of students, this is what I often wonder. I often think, this is a lot of philosophy students, after graduation, what should be done? What can I do?
Now you’re all going to graduate. What are you naturally thinking? What should we do? What can we do?.
According to my opinion, the purpose of a philosophy department should not teach you to die to read books on philosophy, also is not to teach you to accept the philosophy of a send sb.
“Zen Buddhist monk once said, ‘Damour East, just to find a man not to be tempted. I would like to borrow a phrase: the purpose of a professor of philosophy is to create a few people who are not to be tempted ”
What should you do? You should try to be a man of No.
Can you be a man who is not a man to be tempted?”
If you are not very confident, I have here a little magic, for you to do a self-defense tool. This little magic is just four words’ take the evidence to!.
“There is a little kit, filled with the usage of this small magic no evidence, can only be suspended and continuous; evidence is not enough, only can be hypothesis, can not be arbitrary must wait until later confirmed, just can be regarded as conclusive.
“Must be able to not be tempted, just can hope to guide others not to be tempted.
“You four years of research and experimental work must have taught you to think about, objective judgment, systematic reasoning and the habit of believing something. These are, or should be, a sign that a person is a college student.
Mr. Hu Shi pointed out that a mind trained people in to see a thing is critical and objective attitude, but also with appropriate knowledge for the incumbent. He does not allow the prejudice and the individual’s interests to influence his judgment, and the right and left his viewpoint. He’s always curious, but he’s not sure to believe in people. He did not rush to conclusions, but also not easy echoed the opinions of others, he would prefer to delay a period of time, has been wait until after he had plenty of time to examine the facts and evidence before a conclusion.
Altogether, a trained mind is for easy to fall into in prejudice, arbitrary and blind acceptance of tradition and authority of the trap, being wary and suspicious, a trained mind never is negative or destructive. He suspects that people are not like the reason why they are not like to think that all of the words are suspicious, and all the judgments are false.. He was skeptical, in order to believe in one thing. In order to build or rebuild faith based on stronger evidence and more sound reasoning.
Mr. Liang Shiqiu said. Mr. Hu has ten words, ‘not being led by the nose!’ time is to give people a blow and a shout. I can’t believe it. What other people say, it is a person, not a person, I have no idol in my mind.

Do not apply mechanically foreign customs

Do not apply mechanically foreign customs
Mr. Liang Shiqiu pointed out, some people, probably think that life is not rich enough, stubborn, decency and propriety, ignorance of the vulgar and brutal contraindications are also introduced many foreign customs, willingly by the foreign crime.
For example: Yan set of tea and the like by chance is the number of 13 people, the original is commonplace, but often there are people to expand the state of affairs that the situation is serious, good Qiu number 13, which is bound to have who although want to. Die in one’s bed And the way it is. In this kind of situation must have foresight person Tuogu Taoxi, or temporary adds a bit, break the fierce number, like as long as breaking the 13, where everyone is bound. “Die in one’s bed. For 13 of terror, in some people in the same quite popular. It is said that its source is foreign. Jesus Christ was sold by his apostles, Judah, and the last supper was the 13. So the number of 13 is not auspicious. In foreign countries, not only to avoid such Yan heard in 13, the hotel’s number is often in 12A instead of 13. This sort of superstitious and boring customs, moved to China, in superstition and boring, also should be added to the last laugh can be!
Another example: strike a match to the point of cigarettes, point to the three cigarettes, then there must be some enthusiasts eagerly from adjacent hush one mouthful atmosphere, you blow the match out. A match point to 3 cigarettes. According to Bowen said, this is also the foreign customs. Good you this custom is not how ancient, is the last war, the soldiers smoking at night in the trenches, if match light continues to can ignite three cigarette Ye Yao for a long time, the enemy’s bullet shells must together flying. Although this custom. And war related “, but outside the range of the enemy guns, if does not explain is still likely to be people think that nearly all much ado about nothing.
About customs, always slowly develop, so can in social. If alive to foreign customs into our society, it will be so burdensome, not acclimatized in.
Mr. Liang Shiqiu also said that “a specific and extreme case.
April 1st, open the newspaper a look, a notice of the eye. X x x and x x x now I * * * and * * * Mr. introduced and both parents consent, set on April 1 in certain wedding, everything from Jane, hereby inform various friends and relatives. “Marriage is only two men and women, regardless of others, and others are the most interesting. Notice a good, more good people rush about telling the news around spreading, especially good pat There were many discussions., congratulate.
In April 2nd, the newspaper had a revelation. * * * notice yesterday as the West customs April Fool’s day, people * * * Mr. hence under the guise of, landed a to tease, this concept is imaginary, try fear confuse heard, hereby solemnly declared to marry. Good things are better deeply despondent, especially good behavior is a topic of conversation, to turn, to find the origin of the encyclopedia, April Fool’s day.
April 1st fool’s day, people with each other to fool music is vulgar, we don’t care. Just think this kind of customs, in our country, it seems that the national conditions. I think we’re on April Fool’s day. Not to mention people specifically for doublespeak show off literary skill. The common thing said some shops hangs “Yanwuerjia old. The sign, this is the reflection of price fraud in general use. Who a store, such as a clothing shop, laundromat photo gallery, due to appointment the we make a futile thing is very common, however to foreigners or, with foreigners less fail to keep an appointment. The reason is probably the only foreigners in the county on April 1, a genius phase is going to music, and in us is 365 days a year, just a day which anyway is April Fool’s day.
To the west, there is always someone to document fraud in April 1st by the fun, also didn’t mind. Liang Shiqiu pointed out that mr.. But for westerners to imitation. On April 1, the day the reasonable generalization of lie, and while the rest of the 360 days and imitation westerners for, still fail to keep their promises at any time and place another fraud, I finally feel no need to.
Liang Shiqiu said: “the customs of foreign countries is always interesting, because the exotic is always the most novel. Novelty is interesting. But if the exotic without moved to his home to personally, the novelty often become shackles and interesting often become disgusting. Based on this truth, it is not so much the tea and sugar and milk.”
Mr Lin Yutang has a similar view. He says he doesn’t like to wear a suit. Why? This question is small, but can already be seen with one of the four elegance. If it is not one of the laity, but also with the talent and wisdom, and don’t dye season often addiction, no willing to wear a suit, I think. In general youth, wearing a suit can be forgiven, especially in the pursuit of the opposite sex, because wearing a suit, although there is a variety of inconvenience, but can always be favored by women. The trend of beauty, good manners, wit, nature also have to follow the customs. As for children and has been married crowds of people, expose the suit, he still succumbed to the county must be specific in the. Non Hunkui, and non henpecked, never green all hung proud of each dog collar. In people, good wear suits, henpecked this is the fact that if the flag bright akira. Not like playing tricks on their men, as women suffer. But most of the woman seems to feel that the suit is indeed a more modern one, etc.. Moreover, even a little inconvenience, as Iraq is suffering, love token. The ancient outstanding figures, for women go through fire and water, kill demon Kuxin, where all minds are said to many complex. This woman’s psychological legacy, how many still exist today, so don’t take it amiss. Suits can be only as a man disguised as an offer of hospitality. But to be fair, suit the reason to become temporal trend for modern Ms. Lecong, the only reason is that the general public shock in the name of Western cultural relics and unoriginal, ethical, aesthetic, health is no based on the base.
I do not know how. With the service, the dark is consistent with the character Chinese, sometimes I see a person of Chinese progress. A mouthful of English and speaks Chinese unreasonable people have a suit, or foreign cheat, Dr. Yang, the wet feathers, read a couple of the literary criticism, everywhere red cross straight without authorization. Talk about literature, stare at a woman, but also suit. Ran people age gradually long, domestic gradually deep, sensible gradually reach, Qi gradually Ping will flatly rejected the dress, I take first undoubtedly. Or social Shangsi made quite identity, career has made great achievements, do not have to wear dresses to conceal the barrier in English and Tong ostrich gas will categorically informed his ocean eyes. Except for a season, all the exceptions. It is easy to get out, the foreign staff, young waiters and servants for a class. This one is not so expensive, because they are not only good in Chinese, and the name is John, Paul, Peter. Jinmy, let the Western class get. Another one is the one hundred yuan monthly salary of the Secretary, students didn’t get the job, frustrated small politicians. Overseas Chinese children, youth party. Combine childe niece, rich commerce and barber master for a class, the wear suit psychology although each has, nevertheless the vulgar word, such as women in the country good inlaid with gold teeth Bray, but say that it must not what reason, in this kind of laymen, we can lift Puyi as the most obvious examples. I suspect, Xu Puyi or his wife will have a generation of people with gold, although the photos do not see. You see a pair of blue bin (black) glasses, thick lips and his English name “Henry, as one can imagine. So under the wings of the Japanese emperor Puyi, as known as the imperial emperor. To the Chinese customs to restoration, there are difficulties, single that a tailor and a group of English name is called discouraged. Do you want to Henry the degree. Also, you Chinese emperor called?
About the difference between Chinese and Western clothing philosophy. The suit is intended to show the body. Which is intended to cover the body. However, people really like monkeys, stripped naked, half is not beauty, so much praise, or from toyohashi. W Gandhi and India ocean half naked, half is not what the beauty of life guide. Only without the beauty of the society, it can accommodate a suit. Qiao do not believe these words, Coney Island, New York to the coast, see Xing some sea bath of men and women, old and young, how the body is one thing. Beauty naked mostly painters to pick out a son who is tall and beautiful paintings. However, in Chinese painter has been deeply felt the figure of the uniform beauty models is not easy. So within 20-35 years old woman suit, I approved of it. Because the suit can indeed maximal praise the beauty of the body, light body, FeiShou well proportioned women wear suits indeed accounted for cheap. However we cannot not as most people think, Qiu New York idleness getting stout again the forty year old lady, Qiye clothes to wear, dew the chest and back, and shocking. This woman can wear clothing Cangzhuo, accounted for a lot cheaper. Because Chinese clothing is relatively equal, equality and freedom, beauty although not try to praise the beauty of the body before a large crowd Guangzhong, and ugly also is convenient to Cangzhuo. Not as too exposed to trace the, so clothing is to the spirit of Demo carat Xi.
Above is about beauty. As for the health of synaesthesia, no more room to argue the foot for a suit. Dogs don’t like wearing a dog collar, people don’t like to take the suit collar, usually slightly sensible people admit the medieval Sir Walter Raleigh, cardinal Rioheliou relics of disguise is sub health. In the west, there is often a declaration that the dog should be removed. Western women in 30 years has indeed liberation many, but men’s clothing or follow precedents, failed to improve, the man’s neck total social thought unsightly immoral, non collar with buckle up can not. With this collar, winter warm summer hamper, impede ventilation, and the four seasons are hinder thought, freedom is not. Scholars at home writing, always first to take off the collar, home and did not dare to take off collar, even if is henpecked acts, otherwise difficulties.
Since the collar, the suit is no more. People can invent radio core machine, but can not realize their body only a head is free. Who will wear a suit, wearing tight seal skin health personal clothing, skin pores called personal role lost its effectiveness. The benefits of the Chinese dress, is not only through breathing pores, and in both winter and summer all the proper width of Ruyi, extending in all directions, what itch, scratch. Westerners are wearing wool in winter clothing especially non sashimi can not. Health clothing underwear can not be no phase, so that each accumulation in the abdomen, the revolt, is can not change for Tongshen a union SUITO vests outside. Must be shirts, shirts, will beam with rigid belt to submit, although succumb to heel often become problems. Dress shirt hard people know the pain. Outside of the shirt, it must be a vest. This vest is the most reasonable and wide and not, tight and not, must be from the back of the movable hook with obtained suitable point, otherwise not wide spatial and temporal Baodu is tight hinder and breathing. Anyone with a little brain, understand that personal unless stand at attention, Tao Han and behind the line, there are always different, bent before the soles of the feet and dorsiflexion, backward in extension and dorsiflexion. However it is assumed that Western vest) among the people is not commensurate with the length of the pitch, on occasion. Except one day neither straight, the result is not bent, vest and not free and skirt into a number of segments, oppressed breathing is to Yang, vest as exposed at, not with the belt in convergence. The material body fat weight, abdominal high curves, neither from the hidden, vest underneath as a department in an arc on the most outward point, from this point onwards, by the convergence of the waist down the long exposure to die and belt is constantly at risk. Binding method of such person, no wonder people for health, to promote the nude movement, Ping abandoned all bound.

Don’t have to confess to some bad habits.

Don’t have to confess to some bad habits.
Mr. Lin Yutang has written about his own experience of giving up smoking:
Where smoking, mostly had momentarily confused, have ambition, determined to give up smoking, in a considerable period and the magic smoke, slug it out, to the ten and a half months after, just wake up come over. I have a happy go astray, suddenly quit, after three weeks, only by conscience, non repentance. I swear, but don’t, don’t lose cypress, honest smoking believers, until now dotard. During the period of the Lord may listen to the YMCA thrift will aunts of heresy, he abstain, because one person at this time, always nerve weakness, involuntarily, difficult generation of your negative. But one day there will, is a clear, will not be tempted. Because after the lesson, I have been very clear, gratuitous smoking cut off our souls Qingfu. This is a wronged themselves and not conducive to people’s moral behavior. Smoking is one of the four great inventions of human life, according to Professor Sheldon (Haldane), a professor of biochemistry. The remaining three big inventions, remember one thing is to pick the young monkey gland is not old new. This is an issue not to mention.
In those three weeks, I how the coma, how cowardly, knowing that is beneficial to their physical and mental of a single small cigarette, don’t have the guts to, to get to enjoy, that is really a shameful history. The passage of time, in retrospect, it is a time of coma he Bing to three weeks. Strike, suffering if the Samsung period in the psychological process in detail describes it is unspeakable, nature, the first and the cessation of thoughts, there is a little confused, why life in the world to give up smoking? The question I should not, but we human behavior, the total is often no reason, sometimes deliberately to do the thing, sometimes situation was too busy, no matter for, deliberately drop responsibility to others of their bones, the body skin, depletion of their body, their nature blowing some confusion, ready to expand the husband removed the reason, I think not when, why come up with that kind of dirty thoughts. The real point Lai Tao Kan shipped, or is the embodiment of generation fitness movement, scholars no firewood, anhydrous Ji, car free Korah, hands in the air without a purpose and, for motion in the production of industrial society is no contribution. Quit smoking, is probably the sage gentleman health movement “spirit.
Naturally, the first three days of the mouth, throat, and upper part of the trachea, seems to have a strange embarrassment like non itch itch. This is easy to do. I eat mints, drink Tieguanyin, with French top up lozenge. Within three days, completely to replant strange itch overcome destroyed. This is quit the course of the first phase, is purely a physical struggle, a point is not surprising. Those that think quit work only in this, forget smoking but the soul on the cause of the truth not understand, didn’t even deserve to be about smoking. Three days later, I was into the second stage of fighting spirit. Here, I began to suddenly understand, the smoking man in the world, the two, a just acts of the impostor, with smoking to join in the fun only. These people quit smoking, there is no second period, they quit smoking, effortlessly. It is said that they do not want to suck, called the “strong will.. In fact, the people did a person can quit smoking? As a hobby, such as selling a piece of old clothes, the hobby that the non. Such people smoking, indeed, is a body of work, such as brushing teeth, washing face a class, you can brush, you can brush, the heart is no need, soul has no meaning. This kind of person in addition to wash, eat, home hold the child outside, the heart is will not be required, evening with Jian De will female members of the ladies look “Aesop’s Fables” sleeping bed. Xin Jiaxuan Ci, Wang Weis poetry, Beethoven music, song of Wang Shijun, is not related to them. Mount Lu is not only the water falls down? How to read the word, his Jiaxuan words and not smoking, may? Not?
But the people who truly understand the smokers, smoking is a problem, all the virtues of thrift can expect to be men and women members. In our group, we have a real smoking, smoking cessation is less than three days, and its no meaning, and to be treated, it will emerge at present. Reason and common sense to ask why, political, social, moral, physical or psychological, people do not smoke in, and deliberately to by my wisdom and buried, contrary to conscience, to do violence to the nature, so that we can’t reach Xing relaxed position? Who knows, will be happy energy composition, meaning God fly, open-minded, fluent and overpowering, have good, reading must be God knowing, chest without stifling, Fugue in the meantime, count is read. Such a state of mind, not smoking should accomplish? In this interest, we feel reached out his hand and took the cigarette but only reasonable behavior if the a piece of candy stuffed in his mouth and anti vulgar activity. My aunt for one or two things in.
My friend Mr. B by the Shanghai Peking. We do not meet for three years in the North peacetime, we are often collected from the twilight, nighttime, especially smoking blind talk about literature, philosophy, modern art and the problems of how to transform the human universe. Now he has come, we are at the home furnace reminisced. The talk is nothing more than the status quo and old friends in the flat state of the world Yan Liang. Every beauty, I always thought extending a hand to pick up a cigarette, but it was only on the surface but to sit upright, or a change sitting position. Mr. B was from natural natural Chunyun spit a mouthful of fog, it seems to cope with their music takes. I have told him that I quit smoking, so too embarrassed to mess up on the spot. Having said that, I just feel unhappy hearts, Taran something missing. My mind is very clear, every time under Mr. B talk, I can answer one. Yes. Word, and actually wished he could share his excitement cordial and talk. Such deformities talked twelve hours, I always refused to Precept Breaking, my friend T. farewell of “strong will. And. Persistence Bian, I was the winner triumph, but hearts only feel unhappy Over A few days later, B-jun letter the way, that I recently different, no previous excitement, refreshing, conversation also deteriorated T, he said, or the air in a hurry due to turbidity Shanghai. to now, I still regret anything Shao night did not smoke.
¬†Another night, we met, it would routinely once a week. After dinner when someone reading the paper, as discussed, usually always a smoking General Assembly, this time round the C-jun read paper, entitled called “Religion and Revolution”, the text in many humorous Wu, remember C-jun said Feng Yuxiang is sent into the North Episcopal, Chiang Kai-shek into the South to send Episcopal, some people would say so then set into the Western camp shortly Unite Wu Episcopal, when this nonsense in the indoor smoke layer a thick layer up precisely when Chin Chung made the subtle fragrance floating, poet H Jun sitting in the middle, on the Dou chair, is learning to put smoke ring, circle around the upward release, probably followed poetic layer level rise, the attitude of calm, if difficult for outsiders who said, only I do not smoke, I feel as alone Outsider, was released three crises, ever more meaningless then quit suddenly awakened me, I was too coma I recollected search for reasons why the original determined to quit smoking, always find a reason not to.

Since then, my conscience will be disturbed when starting, because I think, a sense of responsibility Thoughts care promoting trade union of God, but not smoking Souls will sense how hing up one afternoon, I went to visit a Western lady, lady sitting at the table next hand smoke in one hand and leaning on knees, body slightly outward, causing quite God. I think when you wake up it to the T, she took a cigarette please me, I slowly, calm, remove a come from cigarette, knowing from this in one fell swoop, I attained a.

I came back, immediately called the waiter to buy a box of white tin package, at the right side of my desk there is a focus forward, it is where I put the smoke. Because very few stop smoking, so I carved beside a Ming said. Xi Yin pool.

Mr. Liang Shiqiu also had quit attempt. Leung smoke cigarettes began studying period, single out, no ban, but the horizon Roam, mood, such as hemp, to see someone spit swallow cloud atmosphere, its own effect it tied up, after a few years, from 1 a pack, and a Day two bags, gradually increased. Then, one day he whim, wanted to try how much self-denial that they have the power, we might start to start quitting. Mark Twain said. Quitting smoking is a very easy thing to do, I had a good life, quit dozens of times.

Leung did not choose a lucky day, nor Suwa room who Menshengbuxiang of the remaining cigarettes an ancient brain child throw in the rubbish, leaving the cigarette holder, pipe, cigarette packets, lighters, were later donated to others, but he did not abandon ashtray. Cold turkey “quitting method not feel better, a time of hand-foot-stricken, went to pieces, but the work is too busy, did not have time to send cravings, eat a piece of chocolate really survive. Not eating a box of chocolate, and really bored, so the chocolate quit Leung knowing, said:. “ashamed to say, I quit smoking only once a being, after the ring had been no further. Mr. Liang Shiqiu pointed to smoking as unhelpful, but many people say “why things are not as useless career of the students sent there?” And there are a lot of useless things are even worse than smokers, so smoking or non-smoking, everyone should own weigh decisions.

Complete and free to do their own

Complete and free to do their own
Beijing press perhaps the clearest Qian Zhongshu couples conductsoneself in society special they never declined all interviews, never in any meeting of appearance, dwelling den, Kindu door to avoid the unrelenting, concentrate on scholarly research, as if a birth like life.
At the beginning of 1980s, some scholars put together a “* *” of Qian Zhongshu, after the read, namely. I dare say that I have never seen the original if you have seen it.. It is the eye of Ruju, let these people have no place to hide and no place to hide. No wonder someone tempted publicly curse him “Qian Zhongshu can live several years?
Qian Zhongshu’s “good criticism” has been famous in his college. An understanding of his people in the early Tsinghua Yuan Journal wrote:
Qian Zhongshu was criticized. Criticism is his characteristic. He is good at criticism, he is good at criticism. He may want to run all the criticism of this present life career. He is loyal to his criticism of the characteristics of his criticism, he criticized, he criticized at any time. The book although he love to express their views, the people did not, to nature, to society, all without exception, he’s talking about fine beautiful Zhang Shijian, as (talking about) a woman did not know the eyes of vivid so excited he sub on Dodd’s joke, Liao form containing a professor in speech shaking Ngau Tau as serious. Excited RL, seriously, he always said a loud and clear reason, so he is criticized, so he is a good criticism of the people, because he has a sincere enthusiasm, but also a clear sense of the two.
If the so-called genius. It is not a mystery, but an industry. The meaning, so Mr. Qian Zhongshu is really a genius. He was “open”. Nature,. Open. The eye is no problem to myopia, the body is not too strong, although it is not necessarily how unhealthy his body is like a factory. That is not into the University, has put Xu many world literature name skimming over the said is in the University, the important works of a literary critic must pay attention to the philosophy, esthetics, psychology also dabbled in. Of course, a good environment (home and school) is a very important relationship, but the rest of the industry, I am afraid that he will be hard.
There are many people who are “doing”, but “to be” very bad. Mr. Qian Zhongshu and the just on the contrary, he “to be” a very good, and it’s always good, but “people”, he is poor.
Mr Qian Zhongshu’s most lovable place is in his nature, and he has never been willing to wronged themselves and hide that point. If he says a literary aristocracy. He never said NiuNiuNieNie, and must be dry thousand brittle brittle if he said that literature is a revolution, it must be so. He is not to make grand gestures. He was a man, and he had to swear at him, and he cursed the man who had once received a serious warning of his honor. Holding or, curse Ye Hao, holding scold taste Ye Hao, he for the object of his equally, as long as he often misses the see Xing some scolded by him was not surprised at the way into precious things can understand. Read the true colors book he would most, he is willing to write original text; he is “dull remarks died over. A brother, however, I think, sometimes, he was conscious of this desire, it is cramped up. He loves nature, he also made a unique color, color.
Many scholars believe that Qian Zhongshu is the pursuit of a complete, free man, no man’s life and a tiny bit obsequiousness. “The siege” female director Huang Shuqin was very interesting to say in a couple after Qian Zhongshu met. Do they like to like intellectuals!. Qian Zhongshu embodies the Chinese intellectuals’ excellent quality to keep their own spiritual garden, to maintain their own personality dignity.
Actually, many famous scholars has such excellent quality, had Mr. Lu Xun and occurrence controversy of Qian Xuantong also has a story. Qian Xuantong is a big celebrity in the academic world. Early in Japan, but also Zhang Taiyan’s disciples. He is a university professor, taught classes at the Peking University, said: “the evolution of China phonology. Mr. Qian is eloquent, lucid, clear and coherent. According to the provisions of the school, to test two times. Last semester final exams, he came, then open the bag, gave out the examination papers, sitting on the table after writing his own what. Four questions, a knowledge of the students to tell others, I answer three questions on it, I never see. Other people don’t believe it. At the end of class, and the money took a faculty room and immediately went into the examination papers, empty handed out. Later know, Mr. Qian has not been sentenced to the exam, the school is now a wooden stamp, write “pass. Two words, received papers, covered wooden stamp, as the cover name: entrance,. In this way, it is said that Mr. Qian had spread, it is part-time in Yanjing University, exam, and school. The school returned, Mr. Qian is still not to see, but also to return. So the school according to the law sanctions, said that if not found papers, will withhold salaries and so on. Mr. Qian responded, with a packet of money, 2f salary pay it back, we can’t accept panjuan.

Pure is great

Pure is great
Lin Yutang pointed out, ancient Greek sage reed Ou Genxu story, often called people laugh, because she represents the ideal, and modern people instead. The modern man is the measure of the cultural progress of the people’s desire to be one person. To be honest, people don’t know what he wants. In this place, found many contradictions, side, and reluctant to promote simple business building cars. Sometimes say money and sometimes, but was made from financial magic heart, many embarrassing things. Modern people hear Diogenes story inevitably students envy, but was reluctant to see a really good Garbo film. So still have the contradiction between the words and deeds, and the heart of the unrest.
Lin Yutang is such a story about diogenes:
Diogenes lying on the bare ground, barefoot, bearded, half naked, like living a beggar or a madman. Early in the morning, he opened his eyes with the rising sun, saolesao itch, then a dog on the roadside Andrew busy opened his business.. He on the edge of the public fountains wiping the face, to passers-by to beg for a piece of bread and a few of the olives, then squatted on the ground and chewed it, and as a holding spring into the belly in. He didn’t work in the body, but also is a homeless person, be leisurely and carefree. Everyone knows him, or he has heard of him. They will ask him some tough questions, and he answered sharply.
Who do not have a house, even a cottage without. He thinks that people live too much attention to rack one’s brains, luxury. What’s the use of the house? People don’t need privacy; the act of nature is not shameful; we do the same thing, and it’s not necessary to hide them. People don’t really need beds and chairs and other furniture and so on, the animal is sleeping on the ground to live a healthy life. Since nature does not give we put on the appropriate things, that we only need is a warm clothes and some shelter from the wind and the rain shelter. So he had a blanket, which was covered by the day, and he slept in a barrel.
The first residence is not made of wood, but the storage barrels made of earth. This is a broken bucket, apparently abandoned the people. He was not the first to live in such a place, but he was the first person to do it, and it was a surprise to the people.
Diogenes is not crazy, he is a philosopher, through the creation of drama, poetry and prose to explain his theory he Xiang Deng some willing to listen to the preaching of the word in the people he has a number of worship of his disciples. He was a simple teaching teach by precept and example. All the people should live naturally, he said, the so-called natural is normal and can not be evil or shameful. Set aside some hypocritical pretensions of customs, get rid of bin some red tape and luxury, and only in this way can you live a free life. Rich people think he has a spacious house, expensive clothes, horses, servants and bank deposits. In fact, it is not the case, he is dependent on them, he had to worry about these things, the most of the energy spent in this. They control him, he is their slave. In order to grab these false flashy things, he betrayed their independence, the only real thing for a long time.
The king of Macedonia and the Greek of Alexander are a generation of heroes. When, almost everyone wants allegiance under him, he just wanted to have a look to the scene. But Diogenes, he lived in Corinth, but refused to visit the new monarch. With Aristotle taught his large-minded, Alexander decided to visit diogenes.
Alexander crossed on both sides of the duck populations approached, all people all stood in awe, Diogenes just a cubit a sit up and kept silent.
A burst of silence. Alexander first to express my kind greetings. Looked at the county poor broken barrels, lonely rags, still lying on a rough scruffy image of Deng, he said. Diogenes, can I help you?.
Can, he said,. Stand aside, you block the sun.
A silent silence. Slowly, Alexander turned around, silent. A few minutes later, he said to the people around him quietly. If I were not Alexander, I would be diogenes.. Because Alexander really understood the meaning of freedom. .
No matter what your definition of simplicity, the essence of which is to get rid of the excess of material. You can still pursue the joy of cooking, but it does not have to order for gourmet magazine, cumulative used countless recipes; you can still follow the latest fashion, but do not have to shoe with the money buy the same color, or buy many many tie you can still buy villas, but do not have on weekdays at home according to the layout of it. Today, please start a more austere life, ignore you may initially produce anxiety, also abandon all your possessions, just take what you need, rather than what you desire.
Poet Emerson said. No one thing is more simple than the great, pure and simple.
Lin Yutang pointed out, who so often people envy, trouble in our own. Because the modern people really desire too much, and not every known what to white. Rich women’s day playing mahjong laps, and his trouble. Movie star in the debauchery of the communication, has its own feel extremely upset, and just ask for a small family is too clean life when, towards the cold food, the nightly yuanxiaoye, once extremely bored consciousness. If Westerners millionaire’s young children, in a crossing the Atlantic four times, from Paris and South America and neath, and New York, while the Mongolian mention Carlo, in fact only in the shelter of his spiritual emptiness. Such people often have an idea, suddenly run the monastery or nunnery, this is the common newspaper facts.
“I think in the head brain clean, figuring it out, always feel that we will never be Diogenes believers, there will always be some he asked for volunteer. I think I have a few wishes, as long as there is a desire to seek, it is not impossible to do, to see his ambition in the people, there is a considerable ambition, seeking it in their own. This is not foreign to change. I wish to give my personal dream is as follows, these ten can be made into six or seven, it can be considered as a happy.

The pursuit of natural life in line with their nature

The pursuit of natural life in line with their nature
Mr. Lin Yutang wrote an essay — “lone cliff flower”:
For the road, see the cliff on a flower, gorgeous and dazzing, smile to the passers-by. With a look, the original root was born in stone, can not help but sigh.
Want to the universe, should be born out, but will be its nature. The flowers blossom trees, but, the whims of that road, some people see it or not, all the flowers and free. The flower lively field flowers are open, the mountains are also open to spending, still on a lone cliff in limbo, flowers are open. The fragrant blue, butterfly incense also, no butterfly incense also pass rate, all of its nature, there is potential to try to stop but cannot. The flower of its sex prohibition, flowers die.
Would like to have a word must be said, but the human nature, even Temple veranda throne, that the class has been free opening mouth, have nothing to say, still someone went to the mountain whereabouts sky Xiao soon. Qu Yuan clearly to vote in Miluo, still wail sigh. Laozi riding Tinospora clearly to the fort, avoiding the vast earth, but still want to leave a 5000 word vile spawn wouldn’t really close Yinzi can strongly Zai? The ancients if bookend said, all straightforward. The economy, not in the world, will also go to if unwilling to remain out of the limelight, novels. Although ancient if into a novel, a nameless, without the benefit of, art to a fatal disaster to befall, although not to own said unpleasant.
Chinese literature is able to pass all the dormant novels, not a daughter’s epitaph. This is a flower like to gamble. Therefore speaking for the text art pictures and all the performance is also human nature.. Caterwaul, spring cat. And before the old monk dare not people called a sound, is subject to the constraints of human civilization, whisk the nature actually though the monk not caterwaul, still steals the woman. To know this and then to know that people do not speak, not entirely possible. Take only a little energy, but also to open in the lonely house.
Mr. Lin this essay profound meaning, different people may have different understanding, but I think he to us passed such a kind of information should be pursued in line with their nature of natural life. Mr. Hu Shi was in the dark.
March 1938, according to Chen Cheng’s proposal, the KMT government and Jiang Jieshi himself 3 times call in the United States of Hu Shi, so that it served as ambassador to the United states. In September 17th, the appointment of the official release, Hu Shi arrived in Washington at the beginning of 10, from the official diplomatic work in wartime. Hu Shi later said that he was in the state of the most critical period, to do some wartime work.
The Pearl Harbor incident, China’s Peking library with hundreds of books supporting American wehold Library of Congress.
Books shipped to Washington and the United States that this is a cultural event, so when the number of books in the library of Congress out of the box, American the State Council and the director of the museum Nuso Evanst asked Hu to inspect and sent officials to accompany. It’s a bit of a surprise to hu. Fan. , he entered the library, such as Babaoshan, sit on the ground to be overcome by one’s feelings, self-assured or supercilious book. A look at is the one hour, Xing some accompany him to come to the high-ranking officials and librarian was left out in the dark corridor of the stacks, broken its Fangbu. Finally, when Hu Shi from shudui catty coat grinning out, and began to and the number of “rare” and officials talk about the “rare” Jingwei.
These things, in diplomatic circles natural loss of identity, but Hu Shi persist in unconsciously is a real scholar from romantic and others also think he is a “scholar ambassador”, thus his strange behavior instead of a much told tale.

Naughty Lu Xun

Naughty Lu Xun
Lu Xun’s character and lively, clever, and natural is naughty. His great grandmother Dai, common famed, always gravely sitting in the doorway a stiff chair, let a person feel very close to. Lu Xun has chosen to force her, from her and walked deliberately, pretending to fall down on the ground, that old lady exclaimed. Oh, Po, dirty clothes… “. A little while and walked from the front of her, and pretend to lead her down, then made that exclaimed. So a small child, will go and face solemn phase of the great grandmother find happy, if in other occasions. Do you want to he is naughty!
It seems to be a natural instinct. With age, the little boy’s naughty gradually developed into a boy’s ghost, to be a practical joke. There is a required course in the study, called. To class. , the teacher out of a ten day “red flowers. In accordance with the meaning of peace, let the students choose the word relatively narrow, for example, called green,. Bauhinia To answer. Lu Xun of course performance is quite good, repeatedly praised Mr. Shou mirror I get them. Once, a student of a high school to peek at the lesson of life, is “the unicorn, quietly to ask him: you say me to what good?. Lu Xun said. You’re good for ‘four eyes. That person is really a fool, in class, it is true. Four dogs. Answer Mr. Shou, Mr. Shou is myopia, is wearing glasses, listening to nature furious, the students that mercilessly scold a meal, and Lu Xun, but in the side of the book covers her face, hold to “Goo Goo. The ground to laugh out loud.
Lu Xun and Zhou Zuoren apart at the age of four, is between the brothers endure recently, and Zhou Zuoren is clever and easy-going, so the two of them together when most affection natural than others also thick, something interesting, often coauthored gang dry, rarely hide the truth. In autumn, sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, family love with cinnamon song noon, Lu Xun and Zhou Zuoren unexpected surface play from self play for children and the adults much amused. In winter, home water containing a large tank knot a thin layer of ice, Lu Xun to crack the fishing to be divided between Zhou Zuoren eat bit mouth Baoxiang. Of course, they have a wet blanket. Once, Lu Xun from a “rat marriage. Painting that mouse get married the day is the night of the Lantern Festival, and brother bite ears open the eyes kept the night. The results saw nothing.
A healthy naughty boy, often a bit wild. Although Lu Xun is long in the city, but no young people in the city are generally weak. He seven or eight years old, often by another bigger than him a few years old called wash the intimidation of eight pounds of relatives, heart very angry, but home rule, not to fight with others, he had to paint to vent, painting a man lying on the ground, chest thorn an arrow, writing above. “Shoot eight pounds!”
After entering the Sanwei bookstore. His bellicose disposition more development, time, do not know to listen to what people say, the city another private school teacher, nicknamed. Short beard. , sensory although maltreatment of students and even pee to from his hand took a branch bamboo to go, Lu Xun cant help rage, after school is and some of my classmates, rushed to the. A short beard. The school, no one was inside, they knocked over the ink stone, broken bamboo, greatly made a counter.
Another time and hear a rumor, said Wu scholar surnamed he, often pupil in door beaten passing, Lu Xun and the students will meet with in person at the door of the ambush, ready to beat him a lesson. They are still children, the name he is Wu scholar, in order to ensure victory, Lu specially take the grandfather of a waist knife, hidden under coat to, thanks to Shao Wuxiucai hear the sound of the wind, unwilling to and children to get into trouble.

Naughty Qian Zhongshu

Naughty Qian Zhongshu
A rainy day to go to school, I saw on the way many small frogs all over the floor bouncing, Qian Zhongshu feel fun, took off a shoe to catch, put on the shoe, holding barefoot shoes to school, to the classroom to the filled with spikes of small frog placed under the table. When the class, the frog jumping out from the shoe, montreal. The students are busy at the frog, secretly smiled. The teacher asked the reason, know the frog is from the book out of the shoe, bell called him out of penalty legislation. Once he play the class elastic bow, with small mud elastic man. Shout in elastic classmates, the teacher asked the penalty set. But he doesn’t feel ashamed chaotic.
Qian Zhongshu likes playing “the most hours of the monks in the stone”. Suddenly a listen to the word, many people think is what the game is interesting; turned out to be a man sitting cross legged in the mosquito net, put down the curtain door, covered with a sheet, that is, “stone monk”, he said fun very; night uncle aunt called him to go to bed, but he refused, play “stone monk”, play very happy. The so-called “play”, but a man sitting cross legged automatic speaking. This is probably also considered “Chi Chi”.
Qian Zhongshu’s “Chi Chi” in the book, but also filled with. He and his wife in Oxford, he takes a nap, Mrs. lintie, however, she a person writing with sleepy, and fell asleep. He woke up to see her sleep, just Baozhan nongmo, want to give her a painted face painting. But he just woke up to her. He did not think of her skin than paper should also absorb ink, wash ink marks, skin like paper wash broken. He not only to draw the practical joke, lady a portrait above, add glasses and beard, just for fun.
After returning home during the summer holiday, he returned to Shanghai, hot daughter sleeping (daughter or a baby?), he drew a large face in her stomach, next to his mother meal reprimanded, he dare not to draw.
During the fall in Shanghai, he excess “Chi Chi” tend to vent in the uncle’s children female small, grandchildren and their daughter round body. This child is a two years old, often in a play. Some of the language in “uncivilized” or “smelly” on the edge, they are very sensible like note note. Qian Zhongshu bianzhaofaer, or gesture, or by inducing incision, they said, they said “ill stay”. So a group of children around him, fight, fight, make an end. Although he endured the siege, also has the triumphalist. He chased the daughter to play, sleep in the bed with her patient set mine buried layer depth layer, to large and small, all kinds of toys, mirror, brushes, even ink stone or a lot of brush will go in, the girl screamed, he is proud of great music.
Yang Jiang in the “preserves jongseo and (Fortress Besieged)” this article, wrote about the husband’s many “Crazy” and “silly”, in the final analysis is innocence and childlike. Yang Jiang wrote his dancing look (Sherlock Holmes), wrote his wife face painting painted face, he to daughter nest hidden broom a knot in one’s heart, buried “mine”, wrote his help a cat fight is not afraid of the cold cold night, wrote he loves watching the devil flew back to withdraw gas Atlantic naughty painting – – – – – – but it seems to miss he wrote love reading detective novels
(including Christie, Miss Fu) he loves watching children’s pictures, love watch TV series (journey)
Qian Zhongshu (journey to the West). Watching and Learning Edge gestures, mouth warble sound more than, sometimes Sun Wukong, sometimes of a pig, clubbing Haier, harrow nail plate wire hole, swiftly, the fire burning day, across the river jumps the gorge, Tengyun Dun land, “old sun”, “monkey elder brother save me”, dance hand foot tread of the chant the song variously.
Seen dancing across the haven’t had enough addiction and left to pick something wrong with the right pick up a little regret, in succession to write several commentaries, a pseudonym into the envelope and write askew imitation pupils font on the mailing address, affixed to a small 8 cents stamps, still in the mailbox. Shanghai Xinmin Evening News Editor received the letter in hand, inexplicably confused: “this is where the children to write, how even a address did not know what to write? Who send money?” Open a look, the article is very good, it is a hot topic. “Made”.

People should live in the real world.

People should live in the real world.
Mr. Lin Yutang believes that people should live in the real world. He pointed out:
If people want to live, still need to live in this world. What life in the sky is the same problem, must be abandoned. The human mind yo! Don’t have wings, fly to the edge of the gods and forget the world! We are not destined to encounter with death fate of mortal? God gave us 70 years of life, if the mind is too high to work, thinking to immortality, the 70 years is indeed very short, but if our heart slightly calmer, the 70 years also as far as long enough. A person can learn a lot of things in 70 years, to enjoy a lot of happiness. To look at the human a, to obtain the wisdom of mankind, 70 years is a long period of time. A wise man, such as full longevity, in the rise and fall of 70 years, but also to see the customs, moral law and political change. He in the closing of the Deng stage of life, should also can be satisfied by the seat stood up, said a voice “this is a drama” and walk away.
In a case of essays, Lin Yutang to own life ideal so describes; “here with cola, I don’t think of nothing.”
“I wish I could have a house to ask, can work. This house is not particularly clean, nor should it be so neat. As long as I feel comfortable, kind, familiar with. The bed hung a Buddhist oil lanterns, is you see in Buddhism or the lantern Catholic altar. There must be a smoke, a mold of the mold ”
“I want some gentry sent clothes to head, but I have been through a few times, and then to a pair of old shoes. I need freedom, would like to wear less less wear – – – – – – if in the shadow of high temperature to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, in my room, I must have the right half naked, and in front of the servant I don’t take this as a disgrace. They have to do and I also looked pleasing to the eye. I need a shower in summer, winter I have a comfortable little firewood stove.”
“I need a home, in this home, I can be natural. – I need some really childish kids. They want to be able to play in the rain with me. They want me to take a shower.”
“I would like to listen to the morning cock crow. I’m going to have a number of trees near the tree.””I’m going to have a good friend. What kind of daily life, can be very at home. They have some problems, marital problems worth mentioning, other problem worth mentioning, able to frankly tell, they can quote Greek comedian Aristophanes Aristophanes, comedy, can also tell dirty jokes, they in the spirit must be rich, and swearing and talking philosophy also frankly natural, they must have their own hobbies, of things have to have their own opinion. These people want to have their own beliefs, but also the same respect for my faith.”
“I need a good cook, he will want to do dishes, do good soup. I need a very old servant, in the eyes of me as a great man, but I do not know where I was great.”
“I want a good library, a good pipe, but also a woman, she must be a smart solution, I want to do something, she can not still me, let me at ease to do things.
“In my den before the pole a few bamboos, summer to winter rain, sunny weather to. Wan Li Bi like the sea, like the winter I in beijing.”
“I want to have freedom, can reveal the natural color, need not to.”
Give yourself a China scholars study vegetarian habits according to his study, he said “there is not room”. In an essay he explanation says: “I hate physical things, never ride taxi ride. I don’t turn a somersault, physical infant, infant mental and political also tan. I don’t know what love is.”
“I have never written an article about a line of authority or a love of the authorities. I have never said that for which people like it, even the idea would not.”
“I have never donated money to the China Aviation foundation, and I have never donated money to the disaster relief that China has hosted by the orthodox ethics of China. But I was too cute to the poor farmer a few pieces of the ocean.”
“I had no success, also not comfortable, there is no room for complacency over; I never look in the mirror and not feel ashamed and tore it felt numb.”
“I very small ash evil politicians, no matter what, I disdain to fight with them. I have been shunned. Because I didn’t like their attitude.”
“In the discussion of its politics, I can never calm aloof and real emotion, or tact tact and be all things to all men. I never put a pair of scholar gas, never two knees weak, never pretend to like hypocrisy.”
“I never save the girl out the dust, nor persuade infidels to the Lord Jesus. I never felt the crime.” “I thought that I was a moral, and I thought that if God loved me as my mother loved me half, he would not have sent me to hell. I like this if not the heaven, the earth does not suffer to blame.”
Ideal for people who aren’t perfect, Chu a pleasing and sensible man, and he is just trying to do Shifang what one baby, ‘he said in (the art of living). He and ambassador or ordinary people sit at the same table, don’t care, only Chu bear ritual restraint. He will not deliberately give people any impression. He was wearing a tuxedo, he said he put on the west after too China Qiu interest. He did not want to take photos of themselves: go out, because the readers of his vision is a beard Biao graceful old Oriental philosopher. He didn’t want to damage readers in the mind of the illusion. As long as he can be relaxed in the middle of a crowd, he would like the crowd; otherwise, he would go away. Year Eugene Chen heard, touched, joined the revolutionary government in Hankou, acted as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Secretary, four months, abandon politics, because he said he “realized he was a herbivore, and not carnivorous animals, their good governance has, but not good at treat people.” He once wrote: “for me, the nature, is the body in heaven.”