The sentiment “fame”

A person’s life to go through many points, which is the most narrow and closed and sad, life is more than fame. On the fame of the mark, the attitude of the people generally have two kinds: one is the wanton chase, one is indifferent to. Different reaction, provisions and the influence of the different qualities of a man, temperament, interest and value orientation, but as to how life length, and so on.
Fame and fortune, the life values, interest concept, the concept of happiness stop position on how to obtain a higher, more houses, better cars, and more tickets they measure the weight of his life is successful and prominent work, name, Lee, Paul…
In order to achieve these. They’ll brains, all sorts of franchise, insinuating, attach oneself to persons in power, to play it by ear, by hook or by crook, does not hesitate the personality, even stepping on the party and government discipline, discipline and moral conscience of the yellow line to work and live with. So all their lives, not get rid of fear and worry about the outcome of the mood, all day long in anxiety, troubles impetuous, seek to inordinate fame and fortune also suffered the disingenuously, boredom, frustration, abjection pain…
They adhere to the outlook on life and values that is probably not last forever, only this life to have “,” have wine today to inebriate, regardless of tomorrow is and non “, this is an extreme egoism and hedonism life attitude.
Indifferent to fame, is not the heart of fame and fortune, but they in the pursuit and acquisition of attitude not engage in quick, selfish, but in terms of the homeopathy, fair competition, in a proper way, and worthy of. Therefore, they live in calm, live real, live comfortable, live wide Lang, live to knowledgeable, live weight, live self love.
Indifferent to fame, humility comity, Ren Hou magnanimous, wise, honest and trustworthy, the cause about loyalty, speak to your parents filial piety, the family to intercede, to the friend notes. Their behavior style and life attitude are highly personal charm.
Fame, doing things are strictly abide by the moral bottom line and the bottom line of the law. Anything that is harmful to the interests of the state and the people, not for; harm to benefit oneself, do not take; any unscrupulous and have inordinate ambitions for himself the reputation, not for; and those heartless, laughable embarrassing, flee.
The poor an optimist, willing to be lonely, indifferent to automorphic, self effacing to the spiritual realm, is a pure and noble, out of the vulgar, and beneficial to society and people’s attitude towards life. Two kinds of attitudes, derivation and created two different taste and style of life, no doubt, indifferent to fame by people of all ages, respect and esteem.
The so-called indifferent to fame and wealth is in the heart of the usual, stoic and poor security Lok Road, contentment to treat life and grasp the life. Indifferent visual for the fame and fortune of the Ze dam street; Ning is to keep your mind calm and serene, Benedict hold in their own moral bottom line, self-respect, self love, self abasement, self admonition. Do it.
People have their own life and survival of the road, and ultimately attributed to the moral bottom line. Moral bottom line is correct or not, the appraisal standard is whether selfish people, correct moral bottom line is for things to pursue self-interest and principle, life with the, we will live in open and aboveboard, safe, comfortable, no regrets; otherwise, we will live in rustic wretched Suo, fly business dog Gou, uneasy. To live blamelessly Tanzania expansive, should adhere to the principle of living fame conduct, hold their own moral bottom line.
How to achieve “fame, quiet”? One should read more books. Reading, reading can cure foolishness doubts, reading can gain wisdom, love reading. Should be like Zhuge Liang that is well read, and only the rough, “in learn knowledge at the same time, the discovery and realize the ordinary people can not find the problem and reason; second, we must abstinence. Temperance is the vigilante, abstinence is self motivation, temperance is self-respect, temperance is love. Remember: desire is evil and desire, desire is the bait trap. Therefore, to constraint the greed and vanity to burnish, acts to behave, the pace of life is not available to the width measurement of fame, do not use adventure to touch Cyril thickness; the third is to self-discipline. Self discipline is self-discipline and self-discipline is Shenwei, self-discipline is self-respect, self-discipline is self love. To often think of the victims of greed, often read not cheap fruit, often credited slip hate, Chang Huai self-discipline of the heart, often have the sense of honor and disgrace, often repair for the German people.
Only light can indifferent to fame and fortune, only peace can reach. On the other hand, not only, not as important, more can not become the capital of the people.

Fine woman of Zhang Ai-ling

Fine woman of Zhang Ai-ling
Further away the rain in Shanghai, autumn brings the city to repair it so cool, people can not help but admire a few of the cool. The history of the city in a thin dust, mixed with Chili Hot and put the color of sugar, than the smell in your eyes, closing at taste of chewing, and snuggled up next to the roof tilting window woman wearing cheongsam seems to explain it all!

Dream! Dream! Sometimes dreams are like floating leaves a thin yarn, beauty is so easily broken; sometimes like Millennium dusty secrets fell into the sea. Are not removed before the Pandora’s box, everyone is a genius, were thinking of flying wings, fly and sail!

She also has a dream! Dream about a genius, a girl longing for the world’s light, just like the Arctic Aurora’s magical, colorful. This dream, perhaps because this dream, this dream, when she was struggling in the bleak life of walking, walking! Is afraid of loneliness, lonely · · · · · ·

Even if the world can not give this life secure, we have to give the world a wonderful. You may envy her life experience, with so much commoner population can be obtained without context, inextricably linked! Fact is so radically different from that of Ying boarding school through childhood, mother was not around, so aunt’s way into the deepest memories of her childhood, is happy only when given as a gift.

Warm! Sometimes when you’re down, relatives appeared moved by the tears and strong! Sometimes when you’re down, nobody strong inhibition when the tears of bitterness. Accommodated in the cold heart of the rain and wind became colder dry, maybe text-only flick the slow action will only be enough to heal. So she did not stop, tip is always flowing trickle of text, flowing like water, like that buried in the heart of the affair, clear be according to figure.

A batch of fragrance, is a paragraph of text, a slow v low whispers softly! A batch of Aloes time seems to have thousands in the past time. Unfortunately like her, unfortunately text she must be experienced at a young age in earthly troubles her, sometimes look at her words, arranged in order of their story was turned into a cloud of smoke brakes.

She is so hard, stick, perhaps in unfortunate people who grow up in, most know what kind of attitude to bloom, so not to St John’s College, she went to the University of Hong Kong, continued to explore the dream, is said to be beautiful and immaculate Misty. War flame ignited, fragile dreams appear to be stalled in mid-air Firefly, the dot can’t see past. Maybe in her, only text is the best medicine, can heal and comfort that heart faintly gripping stuff.

Flowers, ink and paper in the falling sand, but I feel so beautiful, especially at the end when a star rising particularly beautiful. Keep on writing, keep on writing. Of the flower of apoptosis, the love, the go! Go upstairs! 》。 Forget painting the red rose and white rose, who adorned cheongsam come dancing!

Love! To anyone is that of light and heat, touch is so exciting.

Cold as the wind, walk carefully in the troubled times, giving you a hand tightly linked, how exciting it is. How the enemy had made “life is OK, years of quiet” promise! True, at that time, cold heart dizzy fog, tipsy most of the haze is aware of its true. Torrential rains mud of the hard road ahead, despite the love. Even finally let go, she exclaimed “what is not. I thought, if I have to leave you, it would not commit suicide, nor to love anyone else, I will just fade away ”

Perhaps at that time also comes as the autumn rain. It was raining very hard, wash they had fallen in love. “June, we cannot go back anymore, right? “Really can’t go back, let it go past! Life is short, long is suffering.

Only faint text, text in the deep darkness so cute listening to your heart and cry! Sweet or bitter!

Well-written, then broke her text depicting the past and present. Life is bleak signs, you’re dead, my story ended, I die, your story is very. Also in autumn, cold began to come, in the Los Angeles home she went, as light as the wind! She’s gone, the story is not over!

Quality of life, quality of classic

Quality of life, quality of classic

The autumn night, a little touch of cool, but does not sleep, but mean.
I habits in sleep Qian bubble Shang a cup thick of tea, see with tea in Cup in the churning, floating out light of tea incense Qin heart lung, see with tea in Cup in the ups and downs, Brown of changes, drink a, thin of taste with tea taste of bitter sweet, understanding with life of chapters gains and losses, and downs, honor, products light died of bitter Le, and side.

Tea life, first tea bitter as life, the second tea such as love, third tea light like the wind, and a cup of tea, three lives.
Life is like a tea, or heavy or light, is going to taste carefully, we always want to vie with each other to see who is better, success or failure, but high and low, with the defeat, are the taste of life, fame and coming and going, side honors and disgraces float or sink, a stoic, a quiet, thorough tea, just like the taste of life’s journey, UPS and downs.

Dead of night, smell the subtle fragrance, long nights have a resting heart, no troubles and impetuous, forget all the unpleasant things that only a tranquil State of mind. However, in this world, everyone is struggling for survival, and so, to realize and fight their own hopes and dreams. Life stress and tension chord, people can’t let go that easily. People long for peace of mind and the State of mind, heart, seemed like a plough the air, hope away from the city, return to natural vision, like a mirage. When I look back, and realised that really deserve all of our pursuit and the thing is actually very simple.

Tea can be a pure heart, faint trace of sweet, soft crack of heart sounds, warm a truth, the fragrance, the mellow, elegant, quietly taste, are suddenly feeling that life is all about.

Tea big, long pot in the Sun and the moon. Tea flavor, Wu Tao of tea, is the James to, with the heart and understanding. Tea: green tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, green tea, black tea, herbal tea. Tea, tea and the taste is different.

Sharp aroma of jasmine scented tea. After a season of flowers that smell but still vivid as ever. Seems like a maiden feeling mellow. Tea, like a plain dress separate shore smile crooning.

Light is green tea. Name is not only reminiscent of handsome, charming walk in the beautiful village of terraced rice paddies. Light, and turned into a classic older woman before. Confined to the compound, her husband and son. Although beautiful and quiet appearance and fragrance are often cast in appears to be without blowing out.

Yunwu tea has a reserve of cold. After boiling water into vapor is still Misty cloud, somewhat aloof to outside of Zen. Women like quiet by nature, it’s hard to really be enthusiastic light. She is always foggy all very leisurely look at you, you is hard to walk into her heart.

Tippy’s romance. The gentle, full of charm, noble mature woman exudes atmosphere. A woman born to bone and soft, charming and well, sweet but not too sweet. Of course, this tea well washed, plus appropriate forms of tea, you can try charm.

Tie Guan Yin to long-bodied and full of energy. Bide your time, observe the type of woman. Fat sweet tea life, the vicissitudes of sex, are already obsolete. Precipitation was somewhat lonely and bright, and somewhat lingering aftertaste.
Pu-Erh tea, such as red wine, like a tender woman, like the emotions rise and fall in the Cup, linger today.

Tea is a style, a kind of silent, a sad, lonely. Can also say is a collection of memories, in any one season tea, everyone like a tea, or sooner or later changes into this diverse world. In the process of merging, society will not deliberately keep an eye on everyone, like tea and few care about each piece of a tea in the Cup. Tea into water unknown will not care, but helpless, so only left fragrance in the world.

Life, and elegant beauty, light, pale, and uncontested, not claimed. All natural, all driven into the mood to beautiful and miaoyuan. For a tasteless but to taste tea, elegant, I ask. Simple and elegant, I like.

The taste of life

The taste of life
Recently, the store is not very busy, has made time to sit at the computer, listening to the melodious music, looking at the beautiful romantic picture, sometimes dancing keyboard, sometimes using the mouse as a tool, in the vast network of fascinating, Wang thoughts rambling fantasy, let the soul fly freely. At times a voiceless song compelling and a myriad of sometimes indulged in beautiful linger sometimes revel in friend space draw; sometimes lonely, two vast, silent.
In fact, man’s life is a long tour, sometimes one person alone, sometimes two people together, sometimes three, sometimes in groups, stop-and-go on the way, there have been new occupation, and old people left behind. UPS and downs along the way, bumpy road. The scenery on the way and some have saved to permanent memory, some collections of haste and neglect, careful thought, a long road, from small to large, from the largest to the old, from the old to the end is not easy. How many times confused don’t know where to go, how much time lost the direction could not be found, how many times bathed in the spring ahead, how much time basking in the Sun feel alive, counting the treasure in the heart of the landscape, yearning, sorrow, regret, more laughter, happiness, has moved. Everyone cherish the memory in heart, as treasured collections as a family valuables.
Inexorably, fast turn, inadvertently has gone through life of 60 years, 60 Pronto, after confusion and pain experienced vicissitudes and hardships, a lot of detours, a number of lessons learned and the experience gained, to understand and the strong, to understand the kindness and devotion. In many different variations and changes have taken place, I have sought in the past too much, as long as it is good, want everything, like everything, mind expansion, greed. After the test of time, have learned a lot of human reason, understand and calm, understand that the good life happy.
Some people feel that they have too little, always feeling depressed, frustrated and unhappy, in fact, is his “she” pursued too much and want to get something too much. Life impossible things and all, but there’s always someone, knowing that some things simply cannot be achieved, some of the problems no TA, some stories are never ending, and some pursue is always fantastic. However, these people still pursue, Mo Mo waiting, still empty fantasies, you say he “her” bitter suffering? You say he “she” were tired or not? Just let nature take its course, said a relative, to let it be, fun appetizer.
People are not happy, because caring too much and want to get something too much, the arguments will fight when, arguments should be promptly when they shouldn’t abdicate, to learn how to grasp the opportunity, easily. People always want to live high quality lives, always busy, fighting all day, was happy for a while, without painful life.
People are not satisfied, because vanity is too strong, too good face. The old saying “happy people enjoy life more”, but can have a few people in the world to achieve this State, world of wonders, people are always faced with too many temptations, it is impossible not to be tempted, impossible not to expect, not to fantasy, a lot of people in front of the lure of money, beauty, and so on, not taking himself lost.
People is not happiness, is because people not treasure, people face with day like day of life, face with increasingly good of conditions, always wants to to more high-level across, actually happiness is a look forward to, is a better heart of feel, as long as we treasure has of all, heart to found, heart to feel, you on will found you on life in happiness in, happiness on in you side.
People are tired, because think about it too much, all day carrying heavy ideological baggage, worry, emotional fluctuation, faltering, indecisive, tired heart will endanger your health, increase your troubles, you will feel out of breath, too. As long as you let go of thoughts, failing to spot people, you’ll be able to enjoy life in peace, in the plain taste of life.
People will worry about, because people have a good memory, filled with the mind, the mind of minds. Someone said: fool the most lovable, because “she” forget enmity in the world; he forgets “her” cynical; forget worldly fame and forget the intrigues of the world, he is “her” live in your own world, do whatever they want, and do anything. So, stupid cute.
Through the life seen are clouds, taste is bitter, aftertaste is sweet, experience is turbulent, is in compliance. Through the life of 60 years, bitter-sweet feelings, life on the road, unthreatening, you’re not going to break their feet; don’t worry, your heart cool you, God troubles do not think Chang; he is not greedy, you can be rich and healthy. Instead, you keep pushing, momentum, eventually you have to stumble.
On the stage in life, everyone is bursting out with different light, vanity, will you love being ass-kissing fool; you love money, will be bought by money; you love luxury, will be corrupted by the erosion you love sex, they will be confused by sex. Mind the gap, will be tainted by outside force. Heart complete their ideas, and never hear someone’s voice. Man is so contradictory, especially the poor, often standing at the crossroads hesitated, balked.
On the road of life, I chose neutral. Bucket does not and a man name (respecting gentleman’s virtue), competing for profits and not the villain. (Fear of bad people is not incompetent). Above everything else, and for you, as good as this, honest. Health Center, he is really confused. Let go, and let it be. Let it be easy to say, but hard to do, too much inequality makes you look strange, too much hard, rough road. Is the best way, like you would accept his “she”; don’t like you avoid him “she”; could not avoid the you change him “she”; can’t change you accept him “she”; can’t take you down into his “she”. In fact, the most difficult is to let go of. Really tired of life, and see how you can taste.
Life like a first song, tones level downs, Melody Cadence; life seemed a this book, wrote full has ups and downs, records with emotions; life and like a Council chess, full has layer Layer dangerous, also sub again has road road opportunities; life just is a article road, has water poor mountain do of rough, also has turn of smooth; life as same article River, sometimes nine ileum, sometimes blew out; life like a leaves, power Shi cocky, frustrated Shi as usual about.
Life is too short, vibrant life for 60 years, scenes of the past haunting you in front of you, Xian city wall, Zhouzhuang wupeng boat, fengcheng hanging Tower, Beijing’s courtyard houses. Youth wasted years, forgiving of indifferent Cheng Zhiyuan. Too much experience to my early age, transitional insight let me distinguish right from wrong. Through the ups and downs and frustrations, will have a calm and unhurried; experienced vicissitudes and hardships have atmosphere and open-minded. Cross hard and smile, calendar insurance proudly.
Now, think back, looked at the future, life is like a play. Standing on the stage of life, is the audience, playing themselves, not to call, you don’t know how wonderful you are, even if no one clapped, you gotta get up herself. Yesterday with the defeat and failure, no longer have to careful exploration, when is an experience, a process, as a result, one lesson. Today, both the good and the bad, you want to take the time to work, does not seek power, but not too, but to be ashamed of. Tomorrow, and not, as long as the hold good enough today. The life of a person, what is, instead of frowning, not smiling, winter not too cold, not too hot in summer, the rich poor, no money not ostentatious, leisure care, daily to find music, everything tasted until no white.
Life, a mere hundred years, day, have healed in a hurry life. Through the past, struggle sweat just wipe; looking back at the journey, winning smile is still spreading; hand in hand this clouds, flying high and move forward the future, exciting and constantly, back to nature. Too many wonderful world, life’s journey is too short. Buy back time change does not change back. Give up too much to stay, too many dreams to come true. Human life is a precious asset, is the experience cannot be bought with money. Day after day, year after year, in the coming years, as ever, I don’t fear difficult, mind calm and move forward.

A reasonable, lawful

A reasonable, lawful

The human desire and virtue: talking of love between people, and even read some of the articles, you will find many famous, often without hesitation by many people believe doubt in his head. Like I mentioned before the men and women who wish to save yan; food and sex are such bad odor, as well. For a while.
Never deny the instincts of human nature of Confucianism, but, his instinct is what to do with human nature? I thought has Analects in the Confucius of Word: Guide of to de, align of to ceremony; another a sentence is poems by. Mao sequence in the word: sent between love check between ceremony (was think is zixia by said); also has a sentence Sima Qian in records. Qu Yuan Jia Sheng biography in the by said of (country wind) lust and not kinky, (later evolution for people often said of gentleman lust and not Kinky). (So-called human desire of nature existent and the chengfenzhiyu of Neo-Confucianism, understood as self-control is more accurate. )
Renheli and moderation, is the core of Confucius. Confucius say, self-control yue ren; added that resolute Harper, Jen, (fan Chi asked
Yan, Confucius said: the kernel is) love (Jen is to be able to) Gong, letters, width, min and Hui; poverty and music, rich and ritual rhetoric,
Fresh kernels; people are heartless, such as what? I did not meet the benevolent and evil heartless; about Miss fresh; the doctrine of virtue, and at
Peace! Say, filial, which for the kernel and also said, Eli Lilly, and for you; not with ritual, is not feasible. Zi Gong
Say, benevolent, to stand, and to achieve talent. Xia said, erudite and Atsushi, cut past the question thinking, in which ren.
On, there are also a few words it is worth pondering. First, the master said: June, I think Chan. Secondly, Confucius said: revenue and rude
Dr, fearless and rude is fear. Third, the master said: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and evil.

Thought is a very luxury thing

Thought is a very luxury thing

Usually love to read, also likes to think about problems. Some problem figured out, some scratching their heads. This is not surprising, a person living in the world, can’t figured out all the problems encountered, the old problem figured out, a new problem appeared again, there are always some problems don’t know. Terrible not figured out, but don’t want to, don’t know anything, parrot or pretends to know everything, as some artificially set box, not everyone thought it was privilege is not this article can offend some people.
Room, occasionally finds himself reading a few years ago, Huang Zhong of the idle thoughts of a book written by a page of notes, I feel a little mean. As for the notes back to the where, is unclear, perhaps as today when tidying up the room to throw away the book and threw away the note. As a little people live, is not what can be saved, after as long as it is not likely to use what can be thrown away, hat, handbag, footwear, books, supplies, ideas and personal traces of something instead of being burned in the future than he first destroyed can live in peace.
Here is the clip notes in the book:
As a thinker, Huang Zhong was awake. He is a rational scalpel, skilled plain historical original of dialectical thinking, big world stereotypes analysis clearly, plainly. He tells us how Washington makes the world first saw the “Jiang Shan sat jiangshan, humans can transcend logic. They fight for independence and freedom, rather than fighting for power and position. “” Must have a messianic salvation of mankind and the practice is outdated. “The promise is” some people consciously or unconsciously in some part should do the hype to describe selfless dedication failed, the result should have obligations to be skillfully converted into good deeds. This is actually a bad source of evil, is a desecration of morality. ”
Alexander I give to future generations of inspiration and lessons are “lies not in rulers who stored a number of new ideas in mind, can say how many new ideas in private, the key is to see what they can do, what they are willing to do. Not what people want them to do, but to force them to do anything. Therefore, a country in transition cannot only improve, must also have the promotion of Liberal, criticism and resistance to tyranny, social activity. ”
“Businessmen and capital is no homeland, where lucrative, where is their motherland. Their dream is to go to the place where you can make money make money. You have to persuade them to give up this trend, would be tantamount to telling them don’t care about bankruptcy! Where is his homeland, meaning is not very big, the key is where there is a sound investment environment. “Farming peoples and nomadic peoples of the most fundamental difference is that the agricultural people living on land, where there is where they land is their home, the land barren and they don’t leave. Nomadic herding cattle and sheep for a living, where there is fertile ground where grass is their home, where there is grass tent can take up immediately. Their understanding of the country are not the same.

Develop habits of find your own way

Develop habits of find your own way

Five ancestral temple there is a monk, who asked him what Zen is, he said: “there are two thieves: an old thief, a thief. Old thief is very old, and one day, his son asked him: “Daddy!” The older you, tell me another try! ‘ Poor old thief HD, agreed. In the evening old thief thief to a wealthy family, dug a hole into the room … Keys of the treasure pouch, a large cupboard locks open, opened the cupboard door and asked his son to get into the inside. His son got inside, he locked his locker and cried; thieves! A thief! ‘ He went. Rich heard that thieves, hurry up and search, search results, something not lost, the thief didn’t see, and we will continue to sleep. This time, when the cupboard was locked, what pride and prejudice does not know his father, I just want to how to escape. School-voice of the bitten dresses, while, during, Zhang Deng called the maid heard his wife, look at the clothes. Just open the Cabinet, the thieves jumped out, slapped the maid down, blow lamps, had escaped. Rich families detected and sent to attract. Catch up in the River, thieves having heard, a large stone thrown in the River, his round the way back. Arrived home and saw his father was drinking, he accused his father locked in the closet. His father asked him what comes out. After he said, old thief he stroked his beard with a smile, he said: for lack of food, “you don’t have to worry! ”
The aim is to teach people to find a way:
This is a Buddhist tradition of story telling in our daily lives, when we encounter difficulties, be sure to positive mental thinking to find ways to solve the problem. Even without difficulty or conscious training one’s own thinking. Mind only in the midst of endless campaigns, to overcome congestion, maintain and improve the flow of thought, through the regular conscious training, you can open, move about freely, both ways. In daily life, we can devise some object uses to train its own open as much as possible.

Advocating freedom, retain their independent personality

Advocating freedom, retain their independent personality
   In the minds of many Chinese people, adults playing children for granted, because the child is born of their own, their own thing their own right to beat him, and to let him listen to his words.
    Confucius “One” Thought for the destruction of the independent personality who also relatively deep, especially the “king called Chen Si Chen had died, the father of the child dead child had to die” mentality, makes a person totally lost its independent thinking and personality become Junfu private slave (or ideological slaves). An independent-minded people lost what is the difference with machines?
    Despite the legal protection of a person’s personality and independent legal status, but many Chinese people do not form the ideological consciousness of independence, I grew up listening to their parents, grew up listening to the teacher, and worked listen to the leadership of retired listen to the child. Most people only the right to life, the only books on CD, rather weak sense of independence.
    If you listen to someone else, if you only the right, the only book on CD, you can not have your own ideas, you have no ability to develop their own ideas.
    While modern China after shouting slogans so that we cultivate the spirit of innovation, but in fact impossible to make people develop innovative, early childhood education emphasis is listen to the party listening to parents, listening to the teacher, then enter the first grade, you have to examination efforts, do not follow the tutorial teaching outline design of the Ministry of Education or learning, you can not make a success examination, you will not be admitted to a good college, you will not have a good way. How, for thousands of years of “One” ideological restraints, and now unified national education, national creative spirit can cultivate it?
    It comes with its own independent-minded people, all the courage to go their own way and that they are not just a right, not just a book, not only on the people. Having its own independent thought and personality, his heart is free, because free, so what he think, his heart no restraint, no boundaries.
    You were born into this world, you see exactly the same people and you do in this world? Certainly not. So, everyone came to this world is always a mission to, you are not the parents of a vassal, not without material bodies ability to think independently, you’re a real person. Your thoughts life, you develop the energy of the world, hidden in your brain.
    One of the greatest tragedy is thought to be tied up, once ideologically rigid, closed, afraid to think, then that person is equal to ourselves sentenced to “death.” A person should be free thought, should be open; the so-called freedom is what you can think, do not think this is not immoral, this is not allowed, this is not impossible to achieve. To dare to break the old rules, standards, customary to think that such innovation possible. To continue to accept new things, people want to find ways to go, even if there is no condition to go out, even if you’re in jail being, your thoughts have to fly cage. Your thoughts should belong to the world.
    People usually have such thoughts defect, or always think their ideas are correct, or always think their ideas are incorrect; front too self, and is too self-esteem back. Too much ego and self-esteem are not desirable, we want to see for yourself, but also to see the others, the world of ideas that exist in the world.
    The world thought was indiscriminate, today revered as a good group of people here thought in those people there do not flat as a bad thought; tomorrow, maybe today is a good thought is bad thoughts. So we have to allow the existence of a wide variety of ideas, not the whole country, the whole human race accomplishing a religious-like. I think this is wrong!
    There is no absolute authority, there is no absolute truth, everything depends on your own to screening. Maybe today is the truth, and tomorrow may not be the truth. So our thinking is changing, changing is normal, not changing it to stiffen. Do not be afraid of their own people call a traitor thought, and do not be afraid of people call you thought no firm, no one is born able to grasp the truth and unswervingly advance toward the truth; it is completely nonsense. If someone says something that he is the truth, he is either a lie, or is a too “confident” neurotic.
    But many religious groups in order to achieve their own ends, to promote a kind of truth. I advocate that you do not become a certain kind of sense of believers. Even if I believe what he says makes sense, do not give up the right to their own independent thinking. If we put ourselves completely to God or an organization, it probably would have lost the meaning of life. Although you can share some of the status, wealth and power in this organization, but you as an independent thinker, the thought has been sentenced to death.
    Develop their own independent thinking is God mission entrusted to us. If a person does not produce a new idea, it is a waste for the future of mankind, but for modern humans feel the most normal, however, and most people are through life without thinking, humans have so unexamined After tens of thousands of years. Human society as Ebb Tide, thoughtful people like Panning gold Amoy, very few in the human world. Human history up to now, we regard themselves as labor to deal with the whole community is a little thinking man driven by 9 labor in operation with. We never thought that everyone become a thinking people, when our children were born, when they heard what the children like themselves and therefore not worry and be happy when you are doomed to stifle a new idea. You know, we made man is not intended to replicate itself, but to create a new humanity different from their own, new ideas.

Don’t loss your curiosity and thirst for knowledge

Don’t loss your curiosity and thirst for knowledge

University for a semester is coming to an end. There has been more than 10 years to delve into my old “College” when considering: have what they want at the age, do you still want to continue? For a country with “outdated” age for the elderly, then stop learning pace, perhaps belonging to quit when you are ahead, natural, happy.
Just a few days ago, I read an article written by a foreigner, it is this article so that I no longer hesitate, but chose to go on with “University” of life.

Windy Ye is a foreigner. He wrote that the youth is gone, not from two passages of the wrinkles start so that I could have touched.

He said: “today’s Europe, in economic terms has not run in China, middle-class incomes began less than domestic. However, in the field of culture, China is still a desert. Weak public awareness of learning, national culture and investment in education, compared to mean. While developed countries are still as ‘ developed ‘, perhaps, lies in the culture of precipitation, and relentless pursuit of spiritual preparation. Here, you learn not just useful and needed, but has become a habit, a way of life, or even a treat. “As Chinese grumble heard foreigners our country is” cultural desert “, as long as patriotism and national pride, I believe Members will not remain indifferent. Country, State, but as an individual, cannot be reconciled to “weak public awareness of learning” arbitrary. Starting from their own, from now on, should be the right choice. At least we can let go of “learning and awareness of people” to erase. This lost part of foreigners …

Another: “the purpose of education, access to knowledge, I believe is not only to build the framework to survive, or to fill their wallets. It also, allows us to have a more thorough understanding of this world, more diverse perspectives, and the inclusion of softer, so as to bring more joy and more emboldened and peaceful life. Because youth is gone, must not start with wrinkles, but the loss of curiosity and thirst for knowledge. “It seems that foreigners learn, especially among older study has a more profound than we are to the point of understanding. “Let the world have a more thorough understanding, more diverse perspectives, and the inclusion of softer, resulting in more pleasant and more peaceful life energy”, this remark is made much better! My philosophy on this unconditional acceptance. Learning in old age is not only happy but learn more far-reaching than past utilitarian purpose. The realization of this objective, sufficient to change our life. We could find no reason to give up studying. Because we are old, without curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and what different zombie!

Someone once said that this sentence: “no one can be young forever, but forever young.” Well said. I want to be forever young people are those who live and also learn of the people!

Don’t think of “celebrity” considered “famous”

Don’t think of “celebrity” considered “famous”

Mr LU Xun pointed out that our knowledge is limited, who are willing to listen to celebrity advice, but then comes the question: listen to acknowledged the good, or listen to the experts here? Answer seemed easy: they are fine. Naturally good; but my calendar after listening to two all sorts of advice, it seems there is quite alert. As is acknowledged, then more shallow, contrary to the experts.

Knowledgeable how shallow, meaning themselves, but many things contrary to the experts, and add a little saying;. Their perverse, not specifically contrary to telling them, was stopped in the name of the expert, to their special books. Revered celebrity in society, so think that celebrity is famous, but forgot which one he is named after learning or career. Celebrity worship say confused, forgot his name or what kind of learning, think that all are better than others, no talk, and swell up, in fact, experts in addition to his expertise, many insights are often not well-informed or common sense.

But the pernicious influence of celebrities, but more severe in China, it was the aftermath of the imperial examination. When scholars figured high in private sermons, and countries involved in the world, but if you receive Government degrees, and gain worldwide fame and success overnight. His history, you can scale, people can River to the end of the Qing dynasty, more schools, open coal mines, training the forces nouvelles, built ships, Chen Xinzheng and overseas visits. What was the result, is understandable.

This trouble has not, inter alia, 10% celebrity there is. All over the cheese. Phenomenon. Therefore, Mr LU Xun said. Since then, we should make a celebrity. And. Quote. Separately, not all celebrities are saying many of the famous, poured from the mouth of old … In other words, we should celebrities are, respectively, because Yes, two-door, for talk over his special, but be alert. Use your brain to think, rather than blindly follow experts and celebrities.

Lu Xun’s insight has guidance significance for us so far, in life, we have to